Good Samaritan Honoree: Donna Macha

Donna Macha


Our Savior Lutheran Church 
Lake Worth, FL 
Rev. Jacob Roedsens

Donna has been a member of Our Savior for many years. She and her husband Jim are backbones of this congregation. They led for many years our quilting team and mission group out of their home. And when I say home, I mean they have dedicated an entire house to this project.  


Each week, people from around the county gather in Donna’s home and make quilts for many groups around the state and the world. Each year, this small in number group of people make hundreds and hundreds of quilts. It is amazing and while they might be small in number, they are large in love for Jesus.  


In addition to the quilts, the mission team again raises thousands of dollars each year for various missions around the world. A few examples include Military Bibles, food for pantries, money for a local pregnancy help center, neighborhood children’s events, Christmas presents and other gifts for Head Start programs and many other things.  


I have nominated Donna because she would never accept or acknowledge these things on her own. She considers the work she does to be by the team and by and for Jesus himself. I know Donna does not consider herself more important than any other member of the team, but without her leadership and loving spirit these groups would not be the same.  


Donna is a blessing to the community, her family, to Our Savior Lutheran, to the church as a whole, and to me personally.  – Pastor Jacob Roedsens