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Together we can make a difference.

Please consider donating supplies to help kids start the school year off right, giving them the best chance of success!

Back to School Supplies Needed Most

Washable Markers / Crayons
Colored Pencils
#2 Pencils / Erasers
Pens / Highlighters
Notebooks / Folders
1.5” Binders & Lined Paper
Glue Sticks / Elmers Glue
Tissues / Paper Towels
Hand Sanitizer

Ways to Give

Donate Funds

Donate Goods
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Above are the supplies needed for the Back To School Drive.

To coordinate the drop off of purchased items, please email

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If your business/church/school/organization would like to be involved in this donation drive, please fill out the form below and we can provide you with the materials you’ll need to help spread the word. Thank you!!