What We Do

We are dedicated to implementing policies and procedures that incorporate the Organization’s Vision, Mission and Administrative Imperatives by establishing operating procedures with which to locate and ensure adequate and continuing sources of supply, consistent with legal, budgetary, and delivery requirements of programs.

It is our mission to:

  • Ethically acquire goods and services on a timely and economical basis;
  • Assure compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and Organization regulations during the procurement process;
  • Provide assistance, consultation, and advice regarding all procurement needs of the Organization.
Active Solicitations

No Active Solicitations.

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Are you a childcare provider interested in working with LSF?


The Procurement team is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for the Organization. Our department assists LSF’s employees and all programs in obtaining all required goods and services in a timely, efficient, and compliant manner.


Lutheran Services Florida is pleased to announce the implementation of automated invoice payments for all vendors. This process will mean that as a vendor, you can choose the option of receiving your invoice payments through ACH (Automated Clearing House). Using ACH, our payment to you will be deposited directly into a checking account specified by you on the attached form. We trust that you will find this process beneficial, as payments will be received sooner than with our current check process.

Please fill out the below ACH authorization form. Once we receive the completed form our system will be updated with the information provided. As each payment is processed, we will send an email notifying you that a deposit has been made to the account you specified. It is imperative that the email notification is sent to the person who will use the information provided to credit our account with your company. Automatic payments will be processed weekly as the check payments are now.

Please take a moment to complete the form. We need all information on the form to be completed. We hope that you choose to take advantage of this convenient and fast form of invoice payment. Once your information is received and processed in our system, automatic payments to you will begin. Please remember, this is not for wire transfers, but for ACH.

Please return the completed form to accountspayable@lsfnet.org .

A new provision in section 644(g)(3) of the head start act signed into law by the president on May 18th 1994 requires that all contracts entered into by any head start program, on or after October 1st 1994, which are in excess of $2,000 and are for the construction, renovation or repair of buildings used by head start programs, are subject to the requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act.
The Davis-Bacon Act requires that any provider hired to construct, renovate or repair a head start facility (if the contract exceeds $2,000) must pay the laborers and mechanics engaged in the construction, renovation or repair of the prevailing rate wages. These prevailing rate wages are determined by the Department of Labor for each county in the country and are updated as necessary. The Davis-Bacon Act also includes provisions about fringe benefits to be paid into laborers and mechanics, limitations on wage withholding, and payroll and record keeping requirements.

For more information on the Davis-Bacon Act interested vendors are encouraged to visit the Dept. of Labor Website located here. https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/government-contracts/construction

For more information on wage determinations they can be found here https://www.sam.gov/content/wage-determinations

All interested vendors may also email a copy of their W9, Business License and Certificate of Insurance meeting or exceeding LSF’s requirements to lsfprocurement@lsfnet.org

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Lutheran Services Florida Vendor.


Department Contact Information
Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday thru Friday
Location: 3627 A W Waters Ave. Tampa FL, 33614


The Contracts Office is responsible for reviewing, negotiating, and finalizing all of the Organization’s contracts and agreements. The Contracts team works with the Office of General Counsel and other organization’s departments to ensure contracts are written and negotiated in the best interest of the organization.

Contract Review

Any contractual agreement binding the organization, regardless of dollar amount, must be reviewed and approved by the Contracts department prior to execution by the organization’s personnel. Any amendment or revision to an existing contractual agreement must also be reviewed and approved in writing by the Contract Department.

In addition, while a contract may appear not to bind the organization to financial obligations (e.g., no cost agreements), there may be other obligations or liabilities present in the agreement (e.g., indemnification, insurance obligations, or uncapped liability). All agreements that bind the organization must be reviewed by the Contract Department.

Signature Authority

The Contracts Office facilitates the signing of all contracts. Organization policy states that only authorized individuals may sign contracts on behalf of the Organization. Any other Organization employee, including program staff, employees, directors, etc., are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the Organization.


Department Contact Information
Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday thru Friday
Location: 3627 A W Waters Ave. Tampa FL, 33614