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THANK YOU to everyone who participated with us in the 2021 Good Samaritan Initiative. 

Each congregation’s Good Samaritans are truly wonderful ambassadors of our shared mission of sacrificially loving and serving our neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ.

As we close out this year’s Initiative, we invite you to join us for our complimentary capstone banquet.

Banquet Details

February 24th 2022, 7PM, via ZOOM

Attendance is FREE



The virtual Good Samaritan Celebration Banquet will be streamed online with the ability to join anywhere. However we encourage you to use it as an opportunity to get your church together by creating a watch party of your own.

During the banquet we will again recognize all Good Samaritans and share inspiring presentations, including an opportunity to hear from:

  • Keynote Speaker: Chris Field, Author of Disrupting for Good and A Billion Hours of Good, and Founder/CEO of the Mercy Project, a nonprofit that has rescued 150 children from human trafficking

  • Rev. Dr. Gregory S. Walton, President, Florida-Georgia District, LCMS

  • Rev. Pedro M. Suárez, Bishop, Florida Bahamas Synod, ELCA

  • Sam Sipes, President/CEO of Lutheran Services Florida, who will be presenting LSF’s Lifetime Achievement Award

What is the Good Samaritan Initiative?

LSF’s Good Samaritan Initiative is a celebration of that which unites us – the mission of sacrificially loving and serving our neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ. It is our desire to partner with you to honor a Good Samaritan in YOUR congregation who stands out for their service to others, and, by extension, help to fuel a spirit of SERVICE in the Church.



Interested churches need to simply nominate an individual (or couple) who embodies the spirit of the Good Samaritan. LSF will coordinate with you to present your nominee with a nicely framed Good Samaritan Award via recorded video or in-person presentation, and will recognize them on our webpage and social media.

This is an exciting opportunity to unify around the mission of bringing God’s healing, hope and help to people in need in the name of Jesus Christ.

Who is your Good Samaritan?


Got Questions?

If you’re curious and would like to discuss the 2021 Good Samaritan Initiative further, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.

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