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Volunteer with LSF

Volunteers are critically important to LSF’s mission. By generously donating your time, energy, and skills we are able to serve more people and transform more communities. There are many different ways in which you can help people build healthier, happier, and hope-filled tomorrows. Continue to explore below to learn more about LSF’s core programs and volunteer opportunities.

Hot Jobs

Help in the Classroom

Our Head Start and Early Head Start programs would love to have you help out in the classroom. Read to kids, assist with art projects, or just help the teachers get organized. Your passion for education and children is needed now, please apply!

Administrative Assistance

There is a ton of administrative work with which you can help our busy workforce. Help organize, file, answer phones, greet visitors, or perform data entry. If you have a gift for any of these tasks, and a few hours each week to spare, please apply today!

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