LSF provides services for families, foster children, refugees, and other community members in the Sarasota area through our many social services programs. In order to maintain these services, we count on the generous donations of fellow Floridians  – whether that be through funds or their time volunteering with one of our services.

Highlighted LSF Programs in Sarasota

Comprehensive Refugee Services in Sarasota

Sarasota’s Comprehensive Refugee Services (CRS), part of LSF’s Refugee and Immigration Services, serves more than 1,700 children and adults each year as they immigrate to the United States. Our CRS aids families as they secure housing, assists with finding employment and educational opportunities, and advocates through legal services. We ease the transition of refugees to the United States from dangerous and war-torn countries as they find a new start in the United States. 

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Dream Center

Serving nearly 500 children and youth each year, Sarasota’s Dream Center provides a safe place for unaccompanied minors who have been separated from their parents. With the goal of reunifying families, the Dream Center provides crisis counseling, educational services, healthcare, and more as they care for children who hope for a better future. Children from birth to 17 are provided with case management and round-the-clock care in this 64-bed facility as they await permanent placement. 

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Adult Advocacy

While giving dignity to more than 225 adults each year, LSF’s adult advocacy provides compassionate care for people who have been deemed incapacitated. Whether dementia, Alzheimer’s, mental trauma, or developmental disabilities, our team helps with sound decision making, legal advocacy, and necessary services that give each person the rights and respect they deserve 

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Case Management Office

Case management delivers tailored support to children and families facing diverse challenges. From navigating social services to securing safe housing, our case management provides nearly 1,000 foster children stability each year. Our Manatee County Case Management Office continues to help children achieve reunification both efficiently and effectively. 

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