Wraparound Best Practice Finds a Champion in LSF Director

LSF Health Systems Director of Training and Development Samantha Lawson was recently recognized during a statewide Wraparound gathering as leading the state in teaching the most wraparound trainings. Lawson received awards on behalf of the Statewide Wraparound Initiative, including the Visionary Leadership Award for her involvement in the statewide Wraparound work group, a regional Champion Award for being the LSF Wraparound Champion, and the statewide “Super Trainer” award. She is a certified trainer in Wraparound and has been a tremendous asset to the statewide implementation of high-fidelity Wraparound.

Director of Training and Development Samantha Lawson

The Statewide Wraparound Initiative was developed alongside a SAMHSA grant awarded to the Florida Department of Children and Families’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Office. The initiative provides statewide support for the implementation and scaling of high-fidelity Wraparound, which is a process designed to assist children with behavioral health conditions and their families navigate the challenges of working within various behavioral health services and systems. The process involves bringing together a team of traditional and natural supports to help families create a better life.

The state has contracted with The Ronik-Radlauer Group to facilitate Wraparound training, coaching and technical assistance to Managing Entity regions and providers in those regions. Julie Radlauer-Doerfler, Principal at The Ronik-Radlauer Group, says of Lawson: “Her duties towards this effort have included working with providers to ensure that they have access to training, coaching and technical assistance. She has done an amazing job of organizing the training process in the LSF region.” Many sites contract out for training. Lawson has created a hybrid model where she provides some training while contracting with others for training.

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