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Julie’s story continues…

As Julie’s life spiraled out of control, her mother understood her daughter’s pain all too well. Having been abused by the same man, Julie’s mother was so paralyzed by her own scars that she felt helpless to intervene. By the time Julie reached high school, her parents feared she would either overdose on drugs or kill herself the next time she turned to cutting.

In desperation, Julie’s mother took her to LSF’s specialized Sexual/Physical Abuse Treatment Program. Julie found support among a group of girls with similar stories of abuse, and she began to experience the healing she deserves. After some time in treatment, Julie found new life. She began sleeping soundly at night, her grades improved dramatically, she built healthy friendships at school, and she discovered a new love of art.

As Julie experienced healing from her pain, Julie’s mother found support in the non-offending caregiver groups. She realized that her own history of abuse had impacted her ability to protect her child. But through specialized treatment, she found healing for herself, as well as the strength to better love and protect her child in the future.

Julie was robbed of her innocence and it nearly destroyed her life. But thanks to the support of friends like you, she found healing through LSF’s specialized Sexual/Physical Abuse Treatment Program.

Your gift below will help more children like Julie find the healing they deserve.

So, thank you for giving to help restore these precious lives. We’re grateful.

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