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hurricane approaching the American continent visible above the E
Help LSF employees impacted by Hurricane Ian.


If you have experienced hardship from the hurricane and need immediate relief please let us know. We will be issuing Visa gift cards via email.

Hurricane Ian

Verizon Tower is down in Fort Myers. All of LSF staff’s work phones are not working until further notice.


Pinellas Head Start  (opening Tuesday 10/4)
Manatee CMO is out of power, working remotely


Employee hotline 1-855-360-3445

Messages from LSF leadership:

Sam Sipes | 09.26.2022

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Dear LSF,

The latest forecast model shows Hurricane Ian pointing toward an off shore Florida track. While this is certainly good news, we must remain vigilant and continue our preparedness efforts. The “Hurricane Team” led by EVP of Head Start Bob Bialas has daily meetings which I have been an active participant in.  Our team is empowered and decision making has been impactful as we put you and the clients we serve first.  I know there is some angst as many of us remember Hurricane Irma and the chaos it brought, but please know while I thought we handled that really well – we have some new leadership since then and an even stronger operations team. I said it on the calls and I will say it to each of you, I am proud to be part of LSF and I am impressed and appreciative of the work being done ahead of this storm.

The closures of our programs and services aligns with local school closures. If your program is closed Wednesday you should have received communications from your leaders. You can always check our LSF Disaster Response and social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter) or call 1-855-360-3445 for closure updates and other resources and information about managing through the Hurricane.

Resources to help you: 

Please heed the advice of the Florida Division of Emergency Management – especially your local Emergency Management officials.  You can access county plans via HERE. Please access and the NOAA Hurricane Center HERE.

As we face this situation together, please remember LSF does offer an Employee Assistance Program that is confidential and free. You can call 800.932.0034  or visit the website HERE (

Florida Evacuation Zones – You can determine whether you reside in an evacuation zone HERE.

We will stay in touch with you. Please remember to focus on being prepared and follow your county emergency procedures. My prayers are with you.

Sam Sipes


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