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Valentine's Day Seniors
Valentine's Day Seniors

Valentine’s Day is not only a day to celebrate romantic relationships, but all friendships and connections that bring you joy. While you are making preparations to pamper your loved ones this year, don’t forget about the seniors in your life. Valentine’s Day can bring mixed emotions for many, including seniors who no longer have their partner by their side. Whether its grandparents, friends or mentors, make some time to share your love and appreciation.  Here are some quick ways to make this day special for seniors: 

    • Bring dinner: This simple act can boost morale and bring happiness together with food.  
    • Write a hand-written letter: Writing a letter will not only make someone feel good, but they will keep it forever. 
  • Make Valentine’s Day decorations: Surprise your loved one with decorating their space into a Valentine’s Day wonderland.  

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