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Welcome to the Lutheran Services Florida Tele-Visit Platform – OneTouch

We are using this platform to help keep you and our staff safe while continuing to provide you with excellent services. We strive to make LSF the Best Place for Clients and hope that you will find using Tele-Visits as effective as face-to-face sessions/visits.

At the end of your session you will be asked to complete a very quick three question survey. Your feedback will allow us to continue to improve services and ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients and communities.

You should have received an Appointment Code from your Counselor for the session.

If you have not received an Appointment Code please contact your Counselor before trying to access the system for your session.

Prior to your first Tele-Visit Session please read the LSF CINSFINS Informed Consent for Teletherapy and ask your Counselor any questions you may have before starting your first session. When your sessions resume face-to-face your Counselor will ask you to sign this form.

To get started:

    • FIRST – Please check to be sure you are using Safari, Chrome or Firefox as your browser, else the platform will not work.  (If you are on another browser, please copy the URL and open one a new window in Chrome, Safari or Firefox.)
    • Please click on the box below to sign in for your session/visit. You will enter your first name, your last name, your e-mail address and your Appointment Code.  Then click Start Video Now.
    • When prompted, be sure to click ALLOW for your camera and microphone (else your clinician will not be able to see you)

Steps to Connect

  1. Click Live Video Telehealth in bottom right corner of screen (click on the arrow)
  2. Enter First & Last Name
  3. Enter E-mail address
  4. Enter your Appointment Code
  5. Click video Connect
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