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Bring healing, hope, and help to families in need across Florida

family-with-lsf-displayEvery day, thousands of our neighbors in Florida face desperate situations, including sexual and domestic abuse, food insecurity, job loss, homelessness, and more.

Our neighbors feel alone in their pain and fear – until someone comes alongside them to offer healing, help, and hope.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, LSF has…

• Sheltered more than 420,000 teens in need since 1982
• Served more than 50,000 nutritious meals and snacks to children in need
• Provided job training, placement, and ongoing support to the homeless
• Counseled hundreds of children through the trauma of sexual abuse
• Helped tens of thousands of refugees become self-sufficient in America
• Protected, counseled, and supported hundreds of adults with disabilities

And when you give below, you’ll help confront the rising tide of families in need in our communities to show them they’re not alone in their struggle.

So thank you for your generosity to offer hope to our neighbors in need!

LUTHERAN SERVICES FLORIDA CENTRAL SERVICES | 3627 W. WATERS AVE | TAMPA, FL 33614 | PHONE: (813) 875-1408 | FAX: (813) 875-1302

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