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In Loving Memory of Shareet Pennino

In 2021, LSF lost a champion. Shareet Pennino dedicated her life to helping the most in need. She joined LSF in 2016 as an Executive Director for the Southwest Region. She was focused on our Oasis Youth Shelter, protecting and housing teens in crisis, and was honored with an award from the Florida Network for improving outcomes for youth after just one year after taking reigns of the program. Two years later, Shareet took over responsibility of our Case Management Organization in Fort Myers and returned to her roots in child welfare, protecting children at risk of abuse and neglect. Her most recent big impact came as she was instrumental in getting the Dream Center launched in Sarasota, caring for unaccompanied children in partnership with LSF’s Refugee Services team.

Shareet cared about everyone she crossed in her journey through life. She gave all of herself to our mission of providing God’s healing, hope and help to the children and families she served.

On April 26th, join us for LSF’s 40th Anniversary Celebration at Goewey Hall in Downtown Sarasota. We will have a special moment to remember and honor Shareet for all that she has meant to LSF and the Sarasota Community.

Donations in Honor of Shareet

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