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Hope Kits
Make a difference
in the lives of displaced families
Help bless those whose lives have been uprooted and who are starting over here in our country.
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Donate Items

Below are several different types of “HOPE KITS” that contain commonly needed items for refugee families we serve.

Online donations, which will be used for various needs in the resettlement of refugees, can also be made below any time.

To coordinate the drop off of purchased items, please email

Kitchen Kit

4 place settings of tableware (fork, knife, spoon)
4 place settings of dishes (plate, bowl and cup)
Pots and pans (sauce pans, frying pan, baking dish)
Tea kettle
Mixing/serving bowls
Kitchen utensils (spatula, wooden spoon, knife, serving spoon, etc.)
Can opener
Tea towels
Paper napkins

Bathroom Kit

Towels/Wash Cloths
Bath Mat/Bathroom Rug
Shower Curtain & Rings
Toilet Paper/Kleenex
Small Trash Can
Small Plastic Trash Can Bags
Toilet Bowl Cleaner/Brush
First Aid Kit
Insect Repellent

Pre-School Kids Kit (3-5)

Child/Youth Toothbrushes
Small Toys/Stuffed Animals
Child’s themed cups & dishes
Sippy Cups
Beginner Books
Coloring Books/crayons
Age Appropriate Games
Night Lights
Hair Clips

Personal Grooming Kit

Bars of Soap
Hair Brushes/Combs
Nail Clippers
Shaving Cream
Disposable Safety Razors
Deodorant (men/women)
Feminine Products
Hand/Body Lotion

Cleaning Kit

Laundry Basket
Laundry Detergent/Bleach
Clothes Pins
Bucket/Mop & Broom
Sponges/Scrub Brushes
Mild Abrasive Cleaner
Glass or All Surface Cleaner
Paper Towels

Baby Kit (0-3)

Baby Powder/Shampoo
Disposable Diapers/Diaper Bag
Diaper Rash Ointment
Baby Wipes/Q-Tips
Child’s Blankets
Age Appropriate Toys
Bath Toys
Baby Bottles
Baby oil
Electric plug covers

Donate Funds

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