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If you refer someone from your personal or professional network to the LSF family (and he or she is hired), you’ll earn up to $1,000! As we work to fill critical roles, we are looking to you for help because we trust that you know what’s best for our team.

Simply visit the Career page at LSFNET.ORG/CAREERS  and scan the current job listings. Send the links to friends who might be interested and tell them to include your name in the “referred by” space on their application. Once he or she is hired (and completes the required probationary period), you’ll earn your reward.

And here’s the best part: there’s no limit to how many referrals you can submit! So, round up your friends and family and let them all know about the exciting opportunities here at LSF.

No, from time to time, based on the recruitment environment and length of vacancy openings, the incentive amount or award may change.

All full or part time staff are eligible – the only staff not eligible are the hiring managers for their own vacant positions or LSF Senior Management (Program Directors and higher).

Do your best to let your contact know about LSF, our mission, vision and values and our careers page.  If they keep reviewing the openings, they may eventually find something they are interested in and apply.

When your referral applies for an LSF open position, they must apply online and electronically on the LSF career page using the UKG system.  Candidates using paper or other types of applications will not be considered.  When completing the online application platform, candidates will be asked for the recruitment source; they should select LSF Employee and in the open text box, insert your name.

No, the referral incentive is paid out when the person completes their required initial probationary period.

Except for those hired into Case Manager positions, referred staff must remain successfully employed at least three months, or through their initial probationary period.  For Case Manager candidates, staff must remain successfully employed for at least six months, or through their required training/initial probationary period.

Nothing!  Central Services HR staff will track the hires, who was the referral and the probationary period expiration date.  Once that date passes, HR will process a check request to be paid in as close to the next pay cycle as possible and it will be included in the regular paycheck as a separate line item.

Yes, except the person can’t have worked and voluntarily left LSF within the past year, meaning a person can only be hired once per year.  In addition, only staff hired into permanent full-time vacancies will be considered for the incentive.

YES!  You can refer someone to any open position in any LSF program.

Yes, but ONLY if the person applies through UKG to the new position and enters your name into the “Referred By” box and is hired.

NO LIMIT!  Except for the few limitations outlined in the policy, you can refer as many people as you want and there is no limit on the number of referral incentives you can receive if some (or ALL!) are hired.

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