MudGirl Run: Honoring Colleagues and Loved Ones

Hundreds of women and girls, including two LSF Health Systems employees, gathered in Jacksonville on February 15th to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research, however this was not a dress-up gala with a sit-down meal and silent auction.  This was dirty work.  The MudGirl Run came to the Jacksonville Equestrian Center on a chilly morning.  Competitors work through a mudpit-laden three-mile obstacle course to complete the challenge.

Buffy Reeder, Director of Compliance and Liz Nettles, Network Manager, battled the obstacle course to honor a colleague at an LSF Health Systems Network Service Provider (NSP) organization who is fighting breast cancer, as well as Liz’ grandmother, who also fought the disease.  They also competed in honor of a good friend who died from the disease following a five-year battle that ended in 2000.

Liz Nettles (left) and Buffy Reeder at the MudGirl Run in Jacksonville on February 15.

Reeder says the camaraderie was compelling.  “I was wet, cold and muddy, however I was inspired by the thousands of ladies who came out to participate in this event and the teamwork and encouragement we all gave each other to finish the run.  Hope and encouragement, that is what I felt at the end!”

“It was amazing to encourage and be encouraged by fellow women of all generational and cultural spectrums,” said Nettles.

Reeder says it is important to honor those currently fighting breast cancer as well as those who have lost the battle.  “Cancer does not discriminate, any of us can be affected by it at any moment, whether it is our own personal battle or a loved one’s battle.  This race was to raise money for breast cancer research.  I hope one day they find a cure.  In the meantime, the research and efforts to eradicate the disease are improving leaps and bounds.  Women can beat breast cancer today by early detection and improved treatments.  Raising awareness and money to find a cure is so important and it allows us to honor our friends, mothers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers.”

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