Meeting the Need: Home Again St. Johns

Earlier this year, LSF Health Systems employees collected toiletries and clothing for homeless individuals served at the Home Again Drop-In Center in Saint Augustine. The items were delivered to the center by LSF Housing Care Coordinator, Elisa Malo and former LSF Network Manager, Elizabeth Maxwell who coordinated the drive.  “Donating items frees up dollars for direct services,” says Malo.  Located at 1850 State Road 207, the Home Again drop-in center offers an opportunity for homeless individuals in the community to do laundry, take a shower, have a meal, and access case management resources and assistance

Home Again St. Johns is a not-for-profit agency working to alleviate homelessness in St. Johns County.  Services include the “Dining with Dignity” program which provides meals to the homeless, as well as the Drop-In Center, which allows homeless individuals to come inside, rest, and get out of the weather.

For more information about Home Again St. Johns, including new hours and procedures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please click here.

Elizabeth Maxwell (left) and Elisa Malo stand alongside the bins, boxes, and bags filled with donated items.
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