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LSF Heroes & High Fives Program

The new employee who helped to calm an anxious child on her first day of school.

The 20-year veteran who went out of her way to connect clients with extra resources.

The energetic supervisor who keeps his team connected and engaged.


It’s not just our jobs that motivate us, it’s the people who work alongside us and inspire us every day.   To acknowledge and express our appreciation for our co-workers who go the extra mile, encourage others, and contribute positive ideas and ingenuity, we created the LSF Heroes and High Five Program.

The Hero Award honors those employees who have gone above and beyond their day-to-day job and demonstrated exceptional service, outstanding leadership, or innovative solutions.

The High Five Award recognizes employees who exhibit our LSF values in their daily work; values of Honest, Innovative, Generous, Compassionate, and Justice.

Nominations are reviewed and awarded on a quarterly basis.  The Hero Award winners receive a letter from our CEO, Sam Sipes, a personalized plaque, and a Floating Holiday.  The High Five Award winners receive a letter from our CEO, Sam Sipes, and a lapel pin indicating the value they embodied.  Employees who receive five High Five Awards will then be eligible for the Floating Holiday.

Do you know someone who should be nominated?  Let’s recognize those who bring positivity, creativity, and a greater sense of purpose to our organization.  You can submit a nomination for your co-workers using the form below.

Qualifying criteria for nominations includes:

  • For the Hero Award: Identification of employees that performed exceptional work that was beyond their job description or that found unique ways to solve a critical problem.
  • For the High Five Award: Identification of employees exhibiting one of the LSF values in their work (Honest, Innovative, Generous, Compassionate, Justice).


  1. Anyone can nominate or be nominated.
  2. Nomination period will be quarterly with applications accepted within the entire quarter.
  3. After the nomination period ends, a committee will evaluate nominations and select the winner(s).


For the Hero Award Recipients:

  • Selected nominees for LSF Hero Award will receive a letter from our CEO Sam Sipes, a personalized plaque, and a Floating Holiday.

For the High Five Award Recipients:

  • Selected nominees for LSF’s High Five Award will receive a letter from our CEO Sam Sipes and a pin with the value they represent. Employees who accumulate any five High Five Awards will receive a Floating Holiday.

Submit Your Nomination today!

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