LSF Legal Team Heads to ICE Detention Center to Provide Free Legal Aid to Immigrants  

Tampa, FL – Lutheran Services Florida (LSF) has partnered with the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Southwest Immigration Freedom Initiative (SIFI) to send legal support to the Folkston Ice Processing Center in Georgia. LSF’s attorneys will leave on Sunday February 3 for a week-long stay with the goal to provide pro bono legal representation and support to immigrants currently detained.  

As licensed attorneys, the team will be able to provide hands on representation to individuals facing bond hearing, deportation proceedings and credible fear interviews.   

“As an organization with a long history of helping immigrants and refugees, we believe families and children in dire situations need protection and opportunity,” said Matt Rosen, Vice President and General Counsel of LSF. “If we can help one family become stronger through our work with SIFI, then we have helped fulfill the mission our organization was founded on.”  

The trip to Georgia is the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between LSF and the Southern Poverty Law Center, as they call for other organizations to look within their resources to help impacted families.  

LSF’s vision is to create safe children, strong families and vibrant communities. Since 1982, we have seen the life-changing impact a simple opportunity can bring to a person who was forced out of their home country. We witness, daily, immigrants and refugees who are eager to become citizens of the new country they call home.  


Media Contact:  

Terri Durdaller, LSF Associate VP of Communications 


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