LSF Launches ‘Beauty is a Silent Teacher’ Campaign, Raises $146,000 in Cash/Commitments

Lippman Youth Shelter front building

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – 10/15/2020 Lutheran Services Florida set a high fundraising goal of $250,000 to revitalize a 36-year-old youth shelter, reflecting a trend of nonprofits seeking more private donations anticipating future cuts to social services with the economic challenges Florida is facing from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lutheran Services Florida is one of the most experienced at running youth shelters with its oldest in operation since 1984. Lippman Youth Shelter located in Broward County injects hope for better tomorrows by supporting at-risk youth and healing families that have been torn apart by conflict. Unfortunately, given the age of Lippman Shelter and program grant limitations – which cover room and board, staffing, transportation and daily needs – many ongoing facility needs are not covered.

LSF has launched a capital campaign, “Beauty is a Silent Teacher,” to restore beauty and integrity to the aged shelter. This campaign will significantly enhance the aesthetics and programing capabilities for the most vulnerable youth who come through the doors, providing the best environment for our youth and social workers to thrive.

We are thrilled to announce the chair of our campaign, Reverend Dr. Gary Leopard of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lake Park, Florida. In just the first month, LSF has raised $146,000 in cash and commitments, which is more than half of the $250,000 campaign goal.

“Recently reaching 44 years of Ordination was a sentimental milestone for me and to serve LSF as the chair of this campaign felt like the perfect way to celebrate. As a Lutheran pastor and from a Lutheran pastor’s perspective, I was drawn to their mission to bring hope-filled tomorrows to Florida’s most vulnerable in the name of Jesus Christ. I am dedicated to helping LSF raise the other half of the campaign goal, pleading to the most generous and compassionate of Broward County,” said Reverend Dr. Gary Leopard of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

LSF has an estimated 98 percent success rate of youth returning home to their families to rebuild their lives following their stay at one of our shelter. Many of our youth stay in touch with the counselors who have helped them through their most difficult times. Some have even said the shelters feel like a second home.

“Before LSF I was lost. I was tired. I wasn’t able to sleep, eat or smile when I got home. I wanted to disappear. I felt like I just didn’t belong. I thought everything would be better if I was GONE. Now here at the shelter I feel freer, more open. I’m happier. I’m smiling more. This shelter hasn’t just helped me to become a stronger person, but it has also become like a second HOME for me. A place I can always find positivity,” said Marc a teen impacted by an LSF Youth Shelter.

Covid-19 has not stopped LSF from ambitious fundraising efforts as our EVP of Community Relations, Jim Clark stresses that our partners understand the need for philanthropy and are happy to give back to LSF even during these unusual times.

To partner with us or schedule a tour of Lippman, contact Jim Clark, Executive Vice President of Community Relations at or 813-415-7231. Visit for to make a gift today.

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