LSF Grace Place Opens Its Doors in Palm Beach County

Lutheran Services Florida recently opened our doors to LSF Grace Place, a collective of seven group homes in Palm Beach County caring for children who face some of the greatest challenges in child welfare.

LSF was able to leverage our history of delivering strong clinical services through our CINS/FINS program in order to provide enhanced behavioral services to teens residing at Grace Place.  It’s our hope that over time we will turn this collection into a new model that meets all Quality Residential Treatment standards.  As such, the homes have a no eject/reject policy, which fits well with our philosophy that we never give up on any child.

“I have personally visited the group homes multiple times and met two young ladies who have impressed me with their maturity and drive. Both are enrolling in college this upcoming year, said Mike Carroll, EVP of Programs. “Statistics tell us that less than two percent of foster children go to college, so kudos to these young women.  This is one of the ways we hope to define success at Grace Place!”

We are partnering with Childnet, the primary funder of services at Grace Place, and working closely with Children’s Home Society, the agency that provides case management services to these youth through the child welfare system.

“We believe this model could be fully integrated and become a model for all community partners,” Carroll said.

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    1. For the privacy and safety of our residents, we do not disclose the physical address. If you’d like more information about Grace Place as a program, please call (954) 486-4222.

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