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Help Jasmine find a better life!

lsf-testimony-jasmine-300Jasmine spent most of her teenage years in foster homes. At 16, she found out she was pregnant but wanted desperately to keep her baby.

Thanks to the help of friends like you, Jasmine was able to get on her feet. She began working 50 hours a week and earned her GED at the same time. Then, she went to college, where she completed her associate’s degree!

We’re so glad Jasmine had the support she needed as she sought a better life for her and her baby.

And today, you can help give hope to more young people like her through initiatives like Lutheran Services Florida’s foster care program. It not only provides a safe place for people like Jasmine but also helps them transition when they age out of the system.

So thank you for your gift below. We’re grateful for you!

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