It’s never too early to start talking about history

The entire month of February is dedicated to pay tribute to African Americans of many generations that conquered adversity and achieved great things in history. Celebrating this month allows us to learn more about inspiriting African American leaders who have impacted our lives and a culture that continues to shape our nation.   

LSF encourages parents to celebrate Black History Month by bringing emphasis to the influence, power and resilience of the African American community. There are many ways to start sharing this important history with your children; here are some ways to bring Black History Month to your household, school, and community.   


Ways to Celebrate  


  • Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” Activity  
  • Use this worksheet inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King to encourage your children to think about their dreams. 


  • Diversity Hand Wreath  
  • Feeling crafty? Here is a guide for children of all ages to paint their hands and create a beautiful wreath full of diversity.
  • Coloring Pages  
  • Choose from these coloring pages to have kids be creative while learning at the same time!
  • Watch a movie  
  • Black Panther is coming back to the big screen and you can see it for free in honor of Black History Month. Find a theater near you.
  •  Crossword Puzzle  
  • Crossword puzzles are a fantastic way to get older children involved in history.   
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