Happy International Teacher’s Day!

Almost everyone growing up had one teacher that touched your mind, heart, and soul. Mine was Mr. Jim Smith; he taught sociology and history. I wasn’t a typical A student, except for my shop and welding classes. I attended two high schools, a ‘regular’ high school and a vocational program.

Mr. Smith was a student counsel advisor and representative for several programs I wasn’t even a part of. But, for some reason he took interest in me. He saw something within me, that I didn’t know was there. When I asked to be in his class, he only allowed me to enroll if I promised to get an A. You know the saying; a promise is a promise – I got my A. After that, I enrolled in his history class… and yes, I got another A. Then he asked for me to take the American College Testing (ACT).  He pushed me to become a better student.

Mr. Jim Smith and his family have been a part of my family since high school. We talk every week, we send prayer requests, we vacation together, and stay together when visiting. He made a difference and continues to make a difference in my life. I am a better person because of the influence he had in my life.

Teachers can touch that one child, influence that one child, mold that one child, and love that one child. I am so proud that all our teachers are LSF Teachers. Thank you for making LSF your home!

Bob Bialas

EVP Children and Head Start Services

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