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Hands of Hope

LSF is changing lives all across Florida through these specialized programs that friends like you help make possible through your gifts and prayers!

Helping the Homeless

Our Homeless Program provides employment counseling and support so the homeless can find jobs and regain their God-given sense of dignity. Last year, friends like you helped 584 homeless people!

Feeding Hungry Children

Our Child Care Food Program gives children in low-income families access to more than 50,000 nutritious meals every day. Last year, friends like you helped feed 8,508 hungry kids!

Transforming Troubled Youth

Our Youth Shelter Program provides neglected, abused, and runaway youth with safe shelter, professional counseling, and help to rebuild their lives. Last year, friends like you helped shelter 708 troubled young people!

Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse

Our Sexual/Physical Abuse Treatment Program helps victims recover from their psychological, physical, and emotional trauma. Last year, friends like you helped care for 383 children!

Giving Refugees New Hope

Our Refugee Program equips destitute refugees with the skills and support they need to find work, care for their children, and become self-sufficient. Last year, friends like you helped 27,900 refugees!

Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Our Guardianship Program appoints trusted and trained guardians to ensure the welfare of adults who face debilitating injuries, mental illness, developmental disabilities, or age-related issues. Last year, friends like you helped protect 410 people!

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