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Hands of Hope

From Sam to You

Dear Friend,

As you’ll see in this first issue of our Hands of Hope newsletter, your generous support helps make it possible to intervene in people’s lives at their darkest moments, and offer them the healing, hope and help they desperately need.

You’ll see there’s a great need across our state to help people who are battling poverty, homelessness, troubled relationships, abuse, and more–but you’re helping to make a huge difference!

You’re helping to transform the lives of single moms like Marie and her family… traumatized kids like Billy who need a hero to overcome their “monsters”… and embattled refugees like the Adio family who need a helping hand to get back on their feet.

Together, we’re impacting thousands of people of all ages through our specialized programs and professional care!

Our Head Start program is changing the lives of many low-income kids by providing early education, health care, and better nutrition.

It’s our dream to provide cooking classes, shopping lessons, and gardening projects for struggling families in the future. Please pray we’ll get the support that’s needed, s0 we can go further in helping kids get the fresh, healthy food they need at home.

Thank you again for helping to transform the lives of people in crisis across our state. They’re the sons and daughters of our God, and they are precious in His sight.

I’m deeply grateful for you!


Samuel M. Sipes
Chief Executive Officer

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