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Nancy Sung Shelton, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, will be leading the Voice of the People Listening Tours. Our President and CEO, Sam Sipes, or a member of his Executive Cabinet, will join Nancy in opening each session, step out while the session occurs, and then return to lead a Q & A (question and answer) at the end of the session.


As we continue our work in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion we need to better understand your thoughts and work experiences.

While we did collect preliminary data through an outside company more than two years ago, we realize a majority of the workforce’s voice was missing. These sessions are an opportunity to acknowledge and hear from those closest to the impact of our work – YOU – to provide us with diverse insight to help us to create L:SF’s next best steps and build on the good things already happening at LSF!



Our goal is to focus on hearing the voices from non-supervisory positions, direct care staff, and front line workers — and other voices who want to contribute



The sessions are 90-minutes long and confidential (your name will not be used in documents), where some agreed-upon themes will be shared with the executive leader who attends.



If you choose to participate, please register. At the time of registration, you are consenting/agreeing (opting-in) to participate in the session.  However, you may choose to opt out at any time, even the day of the selected session.


February 22-23 (various times available)
Location: The Beaver Street Enterprise Center
1225 West Beaver Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Register Here


March 24-25
(various times available)
Location:  The Collaboratory – 2031 Jackson St, Fort Myers, FL 33901
Register Here



If you have questions, please reach out to:


Jacksonville Session’s Coordinators/Planners:  Dr. Christine Cauffield (, or Maria McNair (


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