Dusty Pye Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award

LSF Health Systems Chief Integration Officer Dusty Pye

LSF Health Systems’ Chief Integration Officer Dusty Pye has been nominated for a lifetime achievement award for his tireless work to prevent child abuse.  He will be honored at the upcoming 27th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Luncheon and Awards Celebration to be held in the near future.  The award will be presented by the Exchange Club Family Center of Northeast Florida, which offers free services helping parents across Northeast Florida prevent child abuse and strengthen families.  Parents learn to provide safe, healthy and nurturing home environments so that children can thrive.  Dusty has worked for decades in the religious arena as well as with non-profits advocating for children who need assistance.  “Children are the future of a meaningful society.  Some kids face precarious challenges while growing up, so I am thrilled to be honored for helping develop resources that assist kids as well as connect them to those resources.”

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