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Beauty is a Silent Teacher

The Campaign for Oasis Youth Shelter

LSF’s Oasis Youth Shelter, located in Ft. Myers, has served the community since 1992. Oasis served over 150 youth last year, bringing critical services to teens and families in crisis.

Oasis Youth Shelter injects hope for better tomorrows by supporting at-risk youth and healing families that have been torn apart by conflict.

Imagine your child stepping into Oasis for the first time to receive support. How would you want them to feel? We need your help to keep Oasis a safe place that reflects and communicates the God-given value of each struggling young person who walks through the front door.


“Beauty is a Silent Teacher”

This quote encapsulates the reality that the shelter environment, where life-giving services are provided, plays a significant role in our ability to positively impact the youth in our care. Where children go to sleep and where they wake up has an important impact on their mental well-being and growth.

Unfortunately, given the age of Oasis Shelter and program grant limitations – which cover room and board, staffing, transportation and daily needs – many ongoing facility needs are not covered, and we must seek private funds to meet them.

For this reason we are undertaking a capital campaign to bring beauty and operational integrity to the facility. This campaign will significantly enhance the aesthetics and programing capabilities for the most vulnerable youth who come through the doors, providing the optimal environment for program objectives to succeed.

“Before Oasis I was lost. I was tired. I wasn’t able to sleep, eat or smile when I got home. I wanted to disappear. I felt like I just didn’t belong. I thought everything would be better if I was GONE. Now here at Oasis I feel more free, more open. I’m happier. I’m smiling more. It is giving me an opportunity to fix myself. This is a place where you can let go of all your stress, and is full of support. All the staff will have your back 100%. Those words before that you couldn’t say to anybody would suddenly come out because you know that the people in this shelter are people you can trust.

This shelter hasn’t just helped me to become a stronger person, but it has also become a HOME for me.”

– MARC, Teen Impacted by an LSF Youth Shelter

Campaign Overview (PDF)


Facility Plan (PDF)


If you would like more information about the Campaign for Oasis Youth Shelter, please contact Jim Clark, EVP of Community Relations, at (813) 415-7231 or


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