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Welcome to the LSF Communications Page! This page will serve as your home for resources, guides, and tips related to communications, marketing, and branding.

Approved Logos

LSF Graphics

LSF Poster (print)   |   LSF Poster (web)

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LSF Values Poster (print)   |   LSF Values Poster (web)

Open Minded   |   Visionary    |   Honest   |   Generous    |   Compassionate

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Stationery Templates

program material

For general requests for flyers, brochures, or other marketing materials – along with LSF branded stationary (letterheads, envelopes, business cards) – from the Communications Department, please fill out the Marketing Materials Request form.

  • For business cards include quantity, name, contact info, position title, address
  • For letterhead and envelopes include quantity, office location, office phone, program or service name

As a friendly reminder, ALL media inquiries should be forwarded to the communications department. If you receive an inquiry, please collect the journalist’s/media outlet’s contact info, deadline, potential questions/topics, and forward it to Terri Durdaller, Associate VP of Communications, immediately at or 813-676-9465.

LUTHERAN SERVICES FLORIDA CENTRAL SERVICES | 3627 W. WATERS AVE | TAMPA, FL 33614 | PHONE: (813) 875-1408 | FAX: (813) 875-1302

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