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Case Management Organizations (CMO)

LSF’s eight Case Management Organizations (CMO) and Diversion Program, are dedicated to supporting and guiding children and families on their journey towards safety, well-being, and lasting stability. As a contracted entity working closely with government agencies, such as child protective services and social services departments, we play a pivotal role in the world of child welfare. We are proud to be leaders within the child welfare system in the state of Florida.

Our CMO and Diversion Program understand the unique challenges and complexities that children and families face when involved in the child welfare system. With unwavering commitment, we provide comprehensive case management services designed to create positive outcomes for those in need.

What sets LSF apart is our holistic approach to case management. We take the time to conduct thorough assessments, gaining deep insights into the specific needs, strengths, and risks of each child and family. Based on these assessments, we create personalized case plans that serve as roadmaps for success, outlining the necessary services, interventions, and supports required to address their unique circumstances.

Monitoring progress and advocating for the best interests of children and families is a responsibility we embrace wholeheartedly. Our compassionate case management teams conduct regular home visits, review documentation, collaborate with our partners and stakeholders, and maintain open lines of communication with all involved parties. We believe in amplifying the voices of children and families, ensuring that their rights are protected and their perspectives are valued throughout the entire process.

All of our LSF CMO are deeply committed to achieving permanency for children. Family reunification is always a primary goal, as we believe in the power of preserving family connections whenever possible. However, when reunification is not feasible or in the best interest of the child, we explore alternative options, such as adoption, permanent guardianship with relatives and non-relatives, and opportunities for extended foster care placements.  Our aim is to provide children with stable and nurturing living arrangements that pave the way for a brighter future.

We maintain comprehensive records of case progress, service utilization, and outcomes. By analyzing this data, we continually assess the effectiveness of our interventions and ensure compliance with reporting requirements set by government agencies. Transparency and accountability are at the core of our operations.

LSF operates CMO in the following counties:  

  • Columbia

  • Dixie

  • Levy

  • Gilchrist

  • Hillsborough

  • Lee

  • Manatee

  • Pinellas (also offer Child Welfare Diversion services)

  • Polk

  • Sumter

  • Lake

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