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Group Homes

LSF has two group homes designed to help provide young people with the tools to become their best selves. Young people who arrive at our group homes have been historically underserved and disenfranchised, causing them to stray from a productive path. LSF Grace Place and Dream Center provide housing and other basic needs. They also provide much-needed mental health services and mentorship.   


LSF Grace Place is an LSF youth shelter program in Palm Beach County to help youth placed-at-risk thrive. Grace Place is comprised of 7 residential homes serving up to 33 young people. It provides a short-term living environment where displaced youth can receive support services and build independent living skills in a caring and nurturing atmosphere.  

What can a young person expect from LSF Grace Place?  

Upon admission, services are designed to help struggling young people strive toward improved behavioral, relational, and educational measures to become self-sufficient and healthy adults. Services are provided for struggling youth through a variety of components:  

  • A significant component of Grace Place operations is the therapeutic environment supported by youth mentors.   
  • Full-time, licensed therapists give youth the opportunity to receive individual and family counseling tailored with their best interest in mind.  
  • They also receive services based on their specific situation – their permanency plan, educational and vocational goals, medical and physical health, transportation, independent living goals (if applicable), advocacy needs, referrals to community services, and other identified needs.  

Dream Center

LSF’s Dream Center is a program located in Sarasota that provides a safe and welcoming place for children ages 13-17 to temporarily reside and build a stronger future.  

LSF’s Dream Center is a 60-bed residential facility on a 3-acre campus with wrap-around comprehensive services, including case management, medical, behavioral health, and education services. Each child residing at LSF’s Dream Center receives a complete physical, dental exam, risk, and educational assessments to determine their own individual needs plan.   

Ongoing Program Services:  

  • Initial screening and assessment  
  • Medical and mental health services   
  • Education   
  • Outdoor recreation  
  • Unification with sponsor  

The children residing at the Dream Center are in the custody of the federal government while they await placement with a family member or sponsor in the United States. LSF offers them a friendly environment, personalized services and assists in a safe transition to their approved placement.   

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