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TRIGGER WARNING: This page makes references to child abuse and neglect.


Family Support

In partnership with several other organizations and agencies, LSF provides a variety of free family support services to intervene and divert a disenfranchised youth into counseling, help families advocate for their children, and prevent the dissolution of the family structure due to abuse or neglect.  


diversion program intervenes to keep families together and children out of foster care and keeping them safe from abuseFamilies who are struggling are referred to LSF’s Connecting Family Paths (CFP), a diversion services program in Pinellas County that is contracted through the lead community-based care agency, Eckerd Connects.  These cases come to LSF through direct referrals from the sheriff’s office and Child Protective Services.  

What services does the program offer? 

Each family served by LSF CFP will be assigned a certified child welfare case manager to provide an exceptional level of engagement, bring resources in to eliminate risk factors and prevent children from being placed in out-of-home care. 

What is out of home care? 

Out-of-home care is special accommodation for children and young people who are unable to live with their parents. In most cases, children in out-of-home care are also on a care and protection order. Some forms of out-of-home care include foster care, family group homes or shelters, residential care and independent living.  

How does the program work?  

LSF CFP is a vital part of our mission in building strong families and keeping children safe in their homes by providing essential intervention services to decrease the risk of abuse and neglect. In partnership with Family Enrichment Services and Sail Future, LSF CFP offers trauma-informed expertise in intervention services. 

  • Family Enrichment Services provides counseling, comprehensive behavioral health assessments, post adoption support, medication management and parenting support groups.  
  • Sail Future is a broad program also serving placed-at-risk youth through residential treatment programs that provide mental health and job training services and participate in sailing journeys. Sail Future’s strategy for LSF CFP’s diversion services will be to provide afternoon and weekend therapeutic sailing experiences with the multisystemic counselor, case manager and family to support relationship development.   


The Children’s Board Family Resource Centers are located throughout Hillsborough County and offer programs and services emphasizing family support, child development, health, and safety, and learning success. These programs seek to empower families and communities so they can foster the best possible development of children. The project is funded by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and functions as a collaborative partnership between agencies committed to families in our community and is managed by LSF.  Visit the Children’s Board Family Resource Centers’ page to learn more.  

Centers offer the following:  

  • Developmental Playgroups  
  • Developmental Screening  
  • Car Seat Safety Classes  
  • CPR & First Aid Certification  
  • Mobile Clinic Services include:  
  • Child Well Care,  
  • Immunizations,   
  • Vision & Hearing Screenings  
  • Family Service Coordination  
  • Ready to Learn Assistance  
  • Healthcare Enrollment Assistance  
  • Family Counseling  
  • Mobile Dental Services  
  • Information & Referrals  
  • A Variety of Center-Driven Activities  
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