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Stop Now And Plan

SNAP® is a proven family-focused program that teaches children with behavioral issues ages 6-11, struggling with behavioral problems, how to make better choices in the moment. SNAP is offered free of charge and has helped thousands of children and families around the world. The program helps families learn how to identify triggers (link to page explaining what a trigger is from the peanut butter bar discussion?) and use SNAP to make the connection between their thoughts, feelings and actions.  

The primary goal of SNAP is to help children to stop and think before they act and keep them in school and out of trouble. 

The gender-sensitive SNAP® Boys and SNAP® Girls program is designed for children who are engaging in aggressive, negative behavior and/or have come into disciplinary contact with authority figures at school or in the community.

Who should attend SNAP®? 

Children ages 6-11 experiencing behavioral problems at home, with peers at school, with persons in authority, and in the community are appropriate referrals for our program. 

Presenting problems may include: 

  • Difficulty with managing family relationships 
  • Difficulty making and maintaining healthy relationships 
  • Verbally, or physically aggressive behavior 
  • Angry outbursts 
  • Excessively defiant behavior 
  • Lacks self-control and problem solving skills 

What can we expect? 

The goal is to prevent the escalation of future negative behavior and reduce the chances of conflict with family, peers and authority figures. SNAP ® is an evidence-based cognitive behavioral model, that means that: 

  • They will assess challenges and problems unique to the family structure and develop an action plan.  
  • Experienced and highly trained staff will work with your family to provide a plan to teach your family effective emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills.  
  • Sources of support include: 
  • SNAP® Groups: Children attend weekly group sessions for 13 weeks. They learn how to use SNAP® in different situations through engaging activities, including discussions, role-playing and interactive games. SNAP covers a variety of topics, including dealing with angry thoughts and feelings, self-control, problem solving and bullying. 
  • SNAP® Parents Group: The parent group meets at the same time as the SNAP® groups for children. Parents learn effective child management and SNAP® strategies. The group also provides parents with an opportunity to make connections with other parents facing similar challenges. 

How much will it cost? 

SNAP® services are completely free to youth and their families! The SNAP® program is funded through the Department of Juvenile Justice. 

In addition to providing services at no cost, SNAP® families are fed healthy meals and snacks at each SNAP® session. Sibling care and in-county transportation can be provided if needed. 

What role does LSF play? 

LSF is a SNAP ® Affiliate. Organizations using SNAP, who are engaged in the training, consultation, ongoing communication and licensing, are required to be designated as a SNAP Affiliate.  

Make a referral

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