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Children in Need of Services/Families in Need of Services (CINS/FINS)

When children enter their teen years, families can have a tough time adapting to the challenges those years can bring. Young people in their teens often deal with newfound courage while dealing with a developing brain, uncontrolled hormonal shifts, and the inability to control their impulses.
Counseling is a proven, powerful tool for helping young people and their families work together to overcome life’s most difficult struggles and complicated conflicts. LSF works with teens and families in crisis or distressing situations in both residential and non-residential environments. We help families become whole again. We can help connect families with low-cost or free counseling services.

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Residential Services

(Youth Shelters)

LSF offers short-term, residential shelters for runaways and troubled youth. The goal of shelters for youth in crisis is to assist in reuniting families, identify issues, and help resolve them.

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Community Counseling

(Youth and Family Counseling)

Children and teens who seem out of control are just crying out for help and mental health support. LSF offers free individual and family counseling to give you the tools to manage defiant behaviors.

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