Tuition-Free Public Charter Schools

LSF is preparing students for the future by offering excellent educational programs and choices for children and families through charter schools that value the uniqueness and individuality of each student, as well as the voices of the families that support them at home. We understand that in order to build a stronger and brighter tomorrow, we must start with the youngest in our community and encourage each of them to energetically pursue their own academic and career interests. Across the state, we have built on our long history of excellence in children and educational programs by operating four Florida Public Charter Schools.

Pivot Charter Schools

The Pivot Charter School (Secondary Grades 6-12) program incorporates an online curriculum with state-certified online and on-site teachers working side by side with students, allowing them to engage with their courses and interests at state-of-the-art learning centers and academies.

Pivot Charter Schools provide each student with an educational program to meet their individual needs and style of learning. By individualizing the curriculum based on a student’s needs, they are better prepared to successfully complete their requirements, graduate on-time, and move into the next stages of either career or college life.

One Vision, Three Schools

Pivot Charter Schools currently have operations throughout Florida in Hillsborough County, Lee County, and Broward County. These specialized academies are designed to utilize an online curriculum in a site-based Learning Center environment that allows students to work at their own pace, receive immediate tutoring, participate in small group instruction, get engaged in school-wide activities, and receive individualized support from site-based and online Florida-certified teachers.


The Mission of Pivot Charter Schools is to create a unique learning environment where each student will learn to “Believe” in themselves, “Excel” at their goals, and “Discover” pathways to a successful and fulfilling life. This will occur in a Blended Educational Model, combining one-on-one teaching with the best elements of online and traditional education.

Pivot Ft.

Pivot Ft.


Sellew Excel Charter School

The Sellew Excel Charter School offered by LSF is built upon our long legacy in the Belle Glade community, where we have been working with children and families in our Head Start program since 1982.  LSF works alongside all students to place them on a path of success regardless of the challenges they may face outside the classroom, and elementary-aged students are being prepared  for the future using the PEPPI model of parent engagement and empowerment.