The Reflection

February 8, 2019

By Robert Haley, LSF Associate General Counsel.

Robert Haley pictured (center) in blue and Matt Rosen pictured (right) in white pose with with SIFI staff and other attorney volunteers.


I had trouble sleeping last night and have been replaying the stories in my head. I am frustrated by the process and upset that we couldn’t do more for these people. I keep asking myself whether we have even come close to our goal of helping one person, one family. If we have, it wasn’t a very satisfying achievement because it’s just not enough. I really do believe that our work this week will lead to help for some of these individuals in one form or another, but they have a long, difficult, and uncertain road ahead.

This morning, Matt and I went into the SIFI office to submit paperwork and upload case notes from last nights meeting. Today is our last day and it’s time to say goodbye to the group of wonderful people we got to work with this week. I didn’t write near enough about these people and how great they were because the focus was elsewhere but believe me, they were awesome.

This week reaffirmed my commitment to helping others who are unable to help themselves, which is the reason I became a lawyer in the first place. While driving away, a mixed feeling of guilt and relief washes over me; I get to return home…how lucky for me. I am coming back to my house, my family, and my very spoiled dog.  Intrinsically, I am no different than the people I met this week. Truthfully, if I had been born into their lives, I could only hope I had the same strength and courage as they did to do whatever it takes to free myself.


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