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They risked their lives to serve us. They now need our help.
lutheran services florida

The U.S. Government employed thousands of Afghan citizens to serve as cultural advisors, interpreters, translators, and more to work with our troops on the ground in Afghanistan for 20 years. These friends are now in imminent danger, because of the help they provided us, as the Taliban has swiftly taken over. The U.S. made promises to these allies to protect them.

With the aid of your generous gifts LSF will be helping these Afghan refugees find homes and help provide other critical services here in the Tampa Bay community. And we will continue to support our new friends and neighbors as they find employment, their children enroll in schools, and they become active participants in this community we will share with them.


Donate Funds

Donate ITEMS

Follow the link below for a list of items needed for incoming refugees. Gift cards are great too! They go a long way in giving families the freedom and choice to purchase specific items that meet their needs and requirements. If you would like to assist a family in this way, please email to coordinate.

NOTE: Due to the logistical challenges of managing donations, LSF is unable to receive large volumes of unsorted used items, and donations must be scheduled in advance.


Do you have an empty house or apartment in the Tampa area? You can sign up to be a host through AirBnB.


Do you have the time to commit to an individual or a family to guide them through resettlement into our community? Please fill out our volunteer inquiry form below.


Send a message to President Biden and Congress today! Urge them to provide urgent humanitarian protections, including evacuation for those who have put their lives on the line for our country.

To learn more about our Advocacy visit: SIV Advocacy page.

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