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Adults & Elderly

As part of our mission to help individuals build healthier, happier, and hope-filled tomorrows, LSF graciously works alongside those who may be forgotten or may feel hopeless, which often occurs with the elderly, disabled, or those suffering from a chronic illness.

Protecting and Caring for the elderly and disabled

At any given time, there are men, women, and young adults, across the state of Florida, who are unable to care for themselves and, because they can’t, their lives are in jeopardy. People who can’t care for themselves and have nowhere else to turn would be left with no hope without Lutheran Services Florida’s Guardianship services.

Supporting people living with HIV and AIDS

Finding out that you have a chronic illness can be devastating and frightening. Lutheran Services Florida seeks to support people  living with HIV/AIDS to live a healthier and hope-filled future through our AIDS Care and Education program.

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